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Price, Joseph E
Assistant Professor

Dr. Price earned his Ph.D. in French Linguistics from Indiana University. His dissertation, directed by Dr. Albert Valdman, looked at the interplay of French language use and cultural identity among young heritage speakers of the language in Northern Maine.

His primary research focuses on the relationship between the French language and the development of Franco-Canadian cultural identity in the historically French-speaking communities of New England, in both historical and contemporary frameworks. He studies issues such as immigration, assimilation, the role of the marginalized in the Petit Canada enclaves, evolving conceptions of cultural identity, and the role of the French language in the contemporary resurgence of Franco-Canadian cultural identification.

As Director of Basic Language, his secondary area of research focuses on role of learner attitudes and perceptions in second-language learning, including perceptions of input, affective and attitudinal factors in the L2 learning environment, and how individual identity is expressed and negotiated in the language classroom.

Currently Teaching

FREN 579 – Second/Foreign Language Teaching and Learning

This class is intended to prepare students to teach a second/foreign language. It will provide students with the essential foundations in language teaching methodology and theory, pedagogical grammar, curriculum and materials development, classroom management, and formal and informal assessment techniques. In addition, students will gain practical knowledge through video practicum components, which allow them to watch and reflect on actual classroom teaching. Students will complete this program with the pedagogical knowledge and practical understanding necessary to be confident and effective language teachers.

FREN 101 – Elementary French I

Listening, speaking, reading, and writing; an introduction to the basic structures and vocabulary of French. Does not count toward French major or minor.

FREN 102 – Elementary French II

Listening, speaking, reading, and writing; an introduction to the basic structures and vocabulary of French, continuation.

FREN 301 – Pronunciation and Conversation

This course focuses on oral communication and is designed to enhance listening comprehension and fluency in French.