Research Assistantship Opportunities

Research Assistantship Opportunity, Contemporary French Civilization

One research assistantship per year is available for a graduate student who is interested in acquiring experience in academic publishing.  

  • The research assistant will work a maximum of 20 hours/week for the entire academic year with Dr. Denis Provencher, editor-in-chief of Contemporary French Civilization (published by Liverpool University Press), to prepare accepted manuscripts for the production stage toward publication.
  • By working closely with Dr. Provencher, the research assistant will also liaise with authors about copy editing issues.  
  • Desired skills include native or near-native proficiency in English and French, as well as excellent organizational, communication, and proofreading abilities.  
  • Advanced knowledge of both Word and MLA style is essential.
  • Graduate students with previous editorial experience and familiarity with the field of contemporary French civilization and cultural studies will be given preference. 

Research Assistantship Opportunity, working for Africana Studies faculty

Two research assistantships per year are available to current graduate students in French in partnership with the Africana Studies program.

  • The research assistant (RA) will work closely with faculty in Africana Studies.
  • RAs should have excellent research skills and be familiar with UA library interface, as well as search engines
  • Desired skills include near-native proficiency in English and excellent communication skills in reading and writing.
  • RAs should be able to manage their time and work independently.
  • Graduate students with an interest in Africa and the African diaspora will be given priority when possible.