Graduate Student Association Constitution

the Graduate French Student Association

This constitution, adopted December 2013, establishes the ultimate governing body for the Graduate French Student Association serving the University of Arizona. The officers of this organization are beholden to the framework within this constitution but it is the fundamental right and responsibility of the membership to uphold the vitality, ensure the prosperity and preserve the integrity of this organization.


  • Section 1: The official name of this organization shall be: Graduate French Student Association abbreviated as GFSA.


GFSA is an organization that was created by the students in the French Graduate Program that is offered through the Department of French and Italian at the University of Arizona. As a recognized student organization, our goals shall be:

  1. To serve the French student population and help them succeed in their endeavors to become competent speakers of French by providing them with the necessary tools for success. These include: weekly meetings, internships or paid assignments and volunteer opportunities, Francophone film screenings and workshops.
  2. To serve the general student body/organizations and university faculty and staff with French-related services.
  3. To serve the greater Tucson community with services related to the French language. As a diverse, multicultural student organization with various experience levels and language fluency, we are able to provide great services with a wide range of foci, including tutoring, translation and interpretation.

As a program-specific organization, our goals shall be:

  1. To encourage and help current French students succeed
  2. To provide to and/or share resources with student at all levels of the program
  3. To provide homework assistance and cooperation
  4. To promote interest in the program


  • Section 1: This is a non-profit student organization.
  • Section 2: This organization shall not discriminate on the basis of age, color, ethnicity, gender, national origin, disability or handicap, race, religion, sexual orientation, Vietnam Era veteran status, or language. This policy will include, but is not limited to, recruiting, membership, organization activities or opportunities to hold office. (As exempted by Federal Law, Greek Social organizations may omit gender and/or religious interpretation.) 
  • Section 3: This organization will not conspire to engage in hazing, participate in hazing, or commit any act that causes or is likely to cause bodily danger, physical harm or personal degradation, or disgrace resulting in physical or mental harm to any fellow student or person attending the institution.
  • Section 4: This organization shall comply with all University and campus policies and regulations and local, state, and federal laws.


While this organization was created as a resource to students who are in the French program at the University of Arizona, any STUDENT at the University of Arizona is welcomed to join and participate. Our goal is to promote the program to other students. The GFSA General Body is comprised of all GFSA Members, whichinclude those memberships listed within this article.

Section 1 – Requirements for Membership
  • 1.1: To be a University of Arizona student, faculty, or staff
  • 1.2: To have an interest (or be a majoring) in French
  • 1.3: No fees are required to be a member of this association
Section 2 – French Graduate Membership
  • 2.1: Any student currently enrolled in the French Program at the University of Arizona at the Graduate level
  • 2.2: This is considered an “ACTIVE” membership.
Section 3 – Graduate Membership
  • 3.1: Any student currently enrolled at the University of Arizona at the Graduate level (Master’s, Doctorate) in any department.
Section 4 – Alumni Membership
  • 4.1: Any student NOT currently enrolled at the University of Arizona who finished and/or graduated with a major in French.
  • 4.2: This is considered an “ALUMNI” membership
Section 5 – Language Membership
  • 5.1: Any student currently enrolled who has declared a major or minor in French
  • 5.2: This is considered an “ASSOCIATE” membership
Section 6 – Interest Membership
  • 6.1: Any student currently enrolled at the University of Arizona
  • 6.2: Any staff or faculty interested in French
  • 6.3: This is considered an “AFFILIATE” membership
Section 7 – Inactive Membership
  • 7.1: Any active, associate, alumni, or affiliate member who has not been actively attending and involved in GFSA meetings, activities, programs, or events. This also may also apply to members who have graduated from the French Program and have decided not to obtain the Alumni or Graduate membership.
Section 8 – Member Rights

The following rights shall apply to all Active, Associate, and Executive Members:

  • 8.1: The right to vote.
  • 8.2: The right to propose the recall of an Executive Member.
  • 8.3: The right to nominate candidates for Executive Offices.
  • The following rights shall apply only to Active Members:
  • 8.4: The right to be nominated to and hold an Executive Office.

NOTE: Membership is based on the student’s relation to the French Program.


Section 1 – Election of Officers
  • 1.1: The executive members (officers) of this organization shall be the President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.
  • 1.2: Officers will be elected by written ballot, with each Member casting a vote. A majority of votes will constitute a victory.
  • 1.3: Election of officers will take place every Semester (as necessary).
  • 1.4: Officers will assume office for a period of one year, starting in on the first day of school of the semester they are elected to serve. Their term will end one year after they have been elected, if they are challenged and lose their seat, or if they graduate from the French program before finishing their term.
Section 2 – Recall of Officers
  • 2.1: Officers are subject to recall for misconduct in office.
  • 2.2: Recall procedures will be initiated at the request of 3 active members or after an officer has committed 4 offences or violations of his or her contract per year.
  • 2.3: A hearing will be conducted at a regular meeting for the presentation of evidence from all concerned parties. A majority of those active members voting in a recall at the end of the hearing is necessary to remove any office.
  • 2.4: May be amended by a 2/3-majority vote of those voting, a quorum being present.
Section 3 – Resignation of Officers
  • 3.1: Any elected officer may resign their position by submitting a letter of intent of resignation to the board with at least two (2) week-notice prior to vacating the position. The letter should include notification of the position being vacated with some personal justification.
  • 3.2: Replacement for vacated position will be determined by the board upon resignation.


Section 1 – BY-LAWS

This is the governing body of this organization. The officers that make up the board include the following positions with associated purposes and responsibilities:


(1) PRESIDENT, who will handle all inquiries regarding the board and group information and representation. Responsibilities and duties include:

  1. First and foremost, to be official spokesperson of the organization
  2. To call and attend regular and special board meetings and prepare agendas
  3. To coordinate and preside over meetings and be a liaison to ASUA.
  4. To review all topics, concerns, and/or requests by officers or members
  5. To co-sign on deposits and purchase orders with the TREASURER

(2) VICE PRESIDENT, who will handle all inquiries regarding scheduling, workshops, publicity and outreach. Responsibilities and duties include:

  1. To assume ALL duties when the PRESIDENT is absent
  2. To serve as Liaison to ASUA and the Club Advisor
  3. To co-coordinate and co-organize all activities with the PRESIDENT
  4. To be in charge of social media, publicity and advertisement
  5. To schedule the rooms for meetings, sessions, and workshops

(3) TREASURER, who will handle all inquiries regarding monetary issues, such as purchases, transactions, fundraising ideas and events. Responsibilities and duties include:

  1. To serve as liaison to ASUA for the purpose of organizational funding
  2. To maintain accurate and current accounts of all organizational funds and keep transaction logs.
  3. To handle all finances pertaining to the group, including payments of any type (ordering, bills, fundraising money, performance money/donations)
  4. To co-sign on deposits and purchase orders with the PRESIDENT
  5. To be responsible for maintaining good credit within the group
  6. To be responsible for organizing fundraising events

(4) SECRETARY, who will handle all inquiries regarding attendance, membership, and group documents. Responsibilities and duties include:

  1. To maintain accurate and current information on organization and membership
  2. To keep accurate meeting minutes of each meeting and forward copies to other officers and members
  3. To keep attendance records/logs for meetings and events.
  4. To be responsible for the group calendar and updating it as necessary.
  5. To create and update documents for in-group use.
  6. To maintain records/copies of all documents, videos, and recordings. These duties and/or positions may change and/or additional duties and/or positions may be added, depending on the needs of GFSA and as determined by the board.
Section 2 – Meetings
  • 2.1: Board meetings shall be held at least once per month, days and time determined by the board depending on their availability and need.
  • 2.2: A quorum of half (1/2) of the board members shall be present in order to conduct a meeting, with either the President or another designated officer presiding over the meeting. Active and associate members may attend, but they will not be counted as part of the quorum for weekly board meetings.
  • 2.3: Special meetings or workshops shall be called by the Presidents, VP or Advisor.
  • 2.4: At each meeting, each board officer has one vote per motion. A quorum of 51% or more of the votes is needed in order to approve a motion. However, a motion can be revisited and re-voted on at a later time at the request of a quorum of 51% or more of all active and associate group members.
  • 2.5: Board meetings will be open to all organization active, alumni, or associate members and advisors; faculty, staff, Center for Student Involvement & Leadership (CSIL) and Associated Student at the University of Arizona (ASUA) representatives will need to give a notice of at least two (2) weeks prior. All general sessions are open to any staff, faculty and students. The meetings are to be organized and controlled by officers and active members.


In the event that GFSA should become defunct, all assets (videos, study materials, recordings, etc.) shall come under the care of the Department of French and Italian.


  • 1.1: Voting on amendments must be conducted after a minimum of a 2 week-notice.
  • 1.2: The majority of all elected officers in attendance and members must approve any amendment to the Constitution and by-laws. Upon approval of the Constitution and bylaws, a copy will be given to ASUA.


This constitution has been approved by the board Members. 12/11/2013
This constitution was last updated on [December 11, 2013] by Charlene Gilbert.
ll-2016. Constitution of the Graduate French Student Association (approved Dec. 11 2013)