If you are currently in a French class, you can get free tutoring at the Think Tank. Please see their webpage for scheduled tutoring.

If you are in need of a tutor and are not interested in going to the Think Tank, please contact the Department by either calling 520-621-7349 or emailing french-italian-studies@email.arizona.edu with your name, your contact information, and the kind of tutoring you're interested in- whether online or in person. The Department secretary will distribute the information to faculty and graduate students and they will be in contact. Please note, most of these tutors will require compensation. We recommend that you establish the cost and terms of service before tutoring begins. 

Note: The French and Italian Department does not provide professional translation services. There are professional agencies that will translate and certify most documents for a fee. You can find certified translators and interpreters at the American Translation Association website: www.atanet.org. Another available resource is the National Center for Interpretation, run through the University and is there to help you with your professional translation needs. Reach out to them via email at ncitrp@email.arizona.edu or call 520-621-3615. 

We will review and certify your translated documents for acceptance at the University of Arizona.