Graduate Student Association

Brigid Enchill and Honorine Rouiller

Executive Bureau: Brigid Enchill, Secretary / Honorine Rouiller, President

French Graduate Student Association group photo

Fall 2017 Teambuilder

Semester's Events:

  • September 21st 2017 - Table Ronde "Writing a Statement of Purpose & CV" (workshop)
  • October 27th 2017 - The Graduate Student Research Day 
  • November 3rd - Table Ronde "Writing a Final Paper"
  • December 1st - Break the Ice : Graduate Students and Faculty get together

The Graduate French Student Association was founded in 2003 and is recognized by The University of Arizona as an official graduate student organization that is directed by graduate students in the department of French and Italian. One of the primary goals of this organization is to provide a network of professional and academic support to graduate students in the department of French as they work towards their Master's degree.

In addition, the Graduate French Student Association serves as a link between graduate students in French and the greater campus community. By working as a team, the members of this organization participate in outreach and community service activities that promote the study and awareness of the French language and the Francophone cultures of the world. 

See also: Graduate French Student Association Constitution

Graduate student presenting research

Kaitlin Porter
Student Research Day, Fall 2017

Another graduate student presenting research

Tara Alie
Student Research Day, Fall 2017

Break the Ice event group shot

"Break the Ice"
French and Italian Department Faculty and Graduate Students

Break the Ice event, President and Secretary posing with faculty

"Break the Ice"
Brigid Enchill and Honorine Rouiller with head of Department, Denis Provencher