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Office of General Education - UNIV Faculty 1240 E Mabel Street Building - Office 106
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Henao-Muñoz, Jhonatan
Assistant Professor of Practice

I’m Jhonatan Henao-Muñoz (he/they), an Assistant Professor of Practice in the W.A. Franke Honors College, a UNIV Core Faculty, General Education and an Affiliated Faculty of the Center for Latin American Studies, the Institute for LGTBQ+ Studies, and the Human Rights Practice Program at the University of Arizona. Best known as #ProfeJhon, I’m a QBIPOC scholar, lifelong learner, first-generation graduate student, linguist, world languages and college educator. I earned a B.A. in Teaching Modern Languages (2014, @UdeCaldas) and I hold three M.A.s, the first in Modern Languages and Literatures (2017, @UNLincoln), the second in Hispanic Linguistics, and the third in French Linguistics and Second Language Learning and Teaching (2020 & 2021 @UArizona). In addition, I completed two graduate certificates, one in TESOL and the other in Technology in Second Language Teaching. Lastly, I’m a Ph.D. Candidate in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics (@unicomplutense). In sum, my academic background is intersectional: linguistics, languages and teaching with technology.

I’m communicative by nature and I believe that teaching is about meaningful communication! My teaching adventure started in 2011, I have taught courses on Literacy, Linguistics, and Spanish and French languages at the university level, and since then I have been a tutor, teacher, mentor, adviser and supporter engaged with your success. I must admit that I do enjoy teaching to and learning from my co-learners (a.k.a. students). My professional interests include (bi/multi)literacy/ies, digital literacies, Romance languages, corpus linguistics, non-binary Spanish language, translation, and academic writing. My personal interests (surprise! I have) include hiking, karaoke, watching anime, playing and napping with my cats, Sessho and Michi, and taking pictures! I’m an amateur photographer in love with nature.