Fall 2022 Courses

April 26th, 2022

Looking for courses to finalize your Fall 2022 schedule? Consider taking a French course! We have many exciting and interesting options available that could count, not only towards your GenEd requirements, but also towards a French minor or a major! Questions? Reach out to our Undergraduate Advisor Professor Anne-Marie Engels-Brooks at brooksam@email.arizona.edu. For course descriptions, check out this link


Tier 1 Gen Ed/Diversity Emphasis (Cross Listed):

FREN 150B1 The Holocaust in France & Italy (7W2, Online) 

FREN 160A1 The French-Speaking World (In person & 7W2, Online)

Tier 2 Individuals and Societies:

FREN 231 Fashion and Culture in France and Italy (Online)

Tier 2 Humanities:

FREN 280 Introduction to French Language, Linguistics, & Culture (7W2, Online)

Tier 2 Humanities/Gen Ed Diversity Emphasis (Cross Listed):

FREN 245 African Literature in Translation (In person)

FREN 373 US Francophone Hip-Hop Cultures (7W2, Online)

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