Full-time Student,French Major,Italian Major

Who Can Apply?:

The competitive SILLC Global Award Fund benefits UA undergraduate students in good standing who are declared majors in any of the SILLC disciplines (Africana Studies, Chinese, Classics, East Asian Studies, French, German Studies, Italian, Japanese, Religious Studies, Russian). It also benefits UA undergraduate students in good standing who pursue a thematic minor in the Critical Languages Program.

General Description:

The Italian Faculty in the Department of French and Italian are pleased to announce the call for applications for the competitive Arizona in Orvieto Award 2019.  Established in 2012, this award supports UA students enrolled in Italian courses with the UA study abroad program in Orvieto, Italy.  While preference is given to UA Italian majors, all students enrolled in an Italian course (prefix ITAL) are eligible to apply. 



Minimum qualifications:

  1. acceptance to the UA Study Abroad Program “Arizona in Italy” (Orvieto)
  2. enrollment in an Italian course (ITAL prefix)  in Orvieto, Italy
  3. current UA student (undergraduate or graduate)


Preferred qualifications:

  1. UA Italian major in good standing
Who Can Apply?:

Any student enrolled in an Italian course (ITAL prefix) in Orvieto, Italy through UA study abroad.

Application process:

  1. Complete your online application for the Arizona in Italy (Orvieto) program  (
  2. Download and complete the AZ in Orvieto Award application 
  3. On or before February 25, 2019 send completed AZ in Orvieto Award application to Dr. Feng, Director of Italian Studies:  Please put “Arizona in Orvieto Award 2019” in the subject line.