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Major in French

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The French Major consists of five levels of courses: Foundations, Gateway, Exploration, Discovery, and Mastery. Students have the choice between two tracks: 1. Language, Literatures, and Cultures (all courses taught in French); or 2. French and Francophone Studies (courses taught in English beyond FREN 302).

In November 2009, Tony Paniagua of Arizona Public Media did a spot on the Italian Program; as a follow-up he interviewed then-Department Head, Irene D'Almeida, and she spoke about both the Italian and French Programs.  Click here to watch. 

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Track 1 Language, Literatures, and Cultures (33 units at the 300/400 level)

This track is for students who may want to enroll in a graduate program in French at some point in their studies or who are interested in achieving a high competency in the French language.  Its focus is on the progressive development of the ability to communicate in French and to appreciate the world from a different perspective than one’s own. Courses are taught in French. Respecting the prerequisites indicated below is key to success in that track.

I. Foundations Courses:
FREN 101: Elementary French I
FREN 102: Elementary French II
(101 and 102 do not count toward the major or minor)

FREN 201: Intermediate French I
FREN 202: Intermediate French II
(201 and 202 do not count toward the major)

II. Gateway Courses (6 units):
FREN 301: Pronunciation and Conversation
FREN 302: Grammar, Usage, and Composition
(FREN 301 and 302 may be taken concurrently)

III. Exploration Courses (6 units):
FREN 310: Spoken French in Cultural Context
FREN 320: Written French in Cultural Context
(FREN 310 and 320 may be taken concurrently)

IV. Discovery Courses (6 units):
FREN 410: Film and Fiction
FREN 420: Cultural History
(FREN 410 and 420 may be taken concurrently)
Equivalent: Offered through the Arizona in Paris Program:
FREN 425: Paris: Capsule/Capital of French Cultural History
FREN 457: French Film Classics

V. Mastery Courses
Select one of the four following concentrations:

A. Generalist (9 units)
Any three MASTERY COURSES listed below

B. French Literature and Culture (9 units)
FREN 440/540: Topics in French Literature
FREN 442/542: French Narratives and Film
FREN 444/544: Topics in French Culture

C. Francophone Studies (9 units)
FREN 443/543: Contemporary Francophone Literature and Cinema
FREN 445/545: Francophone Cultures and Traditions
FREN 447/547: Topics in Francophone Studies

D. Business (9 units)
FREN 432/532: French Translation
FREN 433: Business French I
FREN 434: Business French II

E. Elective (3 units)
One additional FREN course either FREN 393 Internship or an upper-division French course taught in French or any FREN course taught in English from 300, 400 levels.

F. Senior Capstone Portfolio (3 units)
FREN 498 Senior Capstone

Track 2 French and Francophone Studies (32 units)

This track allows students with wide-ranging interests in French and Francophone Studies to complete a French major without taking all of their courses in French as in track 1. After completing core requirements in French language, students take courses in French and Francophone Studies that are taught in English.

I. French Language (10 units)
FREN 202: Intermediate French II
FREN 301: Pronunciation and Conversation
FREN 302: Grammar, Usage, and Composition
(FREN 301 and 302 may be taken concurrently)

II. Core Courses in French and Francophone Studies (9 units)
Three courses from the two groups of courses below on:

  1. Francophone Studies
    FREN 245 African Literature in Translation
    FREN 249 Images of Africa
    FREN 280 Introduction to French Language, Linguistics, and Culture
  2. French Studies
    FREN 282 The French Novel and Society
    FREN 283 Existentialism and the Absurd: The French Foundations
    FREN 284 French Theater in Translation

III. Upper Division Courses in French and Francophone Studies (12 units)
Four courses from the two groups of courses below with emphasis on:

  1. French and Francophone Cultures
    FREN 373 US & Francophone Hip-Hop Cultures
    FREN 374 The Politics of Protest in Africa and the Diaspora
    FREN 375 Franco-American Relations
    FREN 473 Contemporary French Cinema
  2. Language Analysis and Linguistics
    FREN 461A French Linguistics
    FREN 462 Linguistics and the Study of Literature
    FREN 467 Topics in French Linguistics (taught in French with readings in French and English)

Or: Three of the upper division courses above (9 units) and FREN 393 Internship (3 units) or one course from the following list of French and Francophone Studies courses offered and approved by other departments:

AFAS 314 Caribbean Literature and Culture (West Indies)
AFAS 345 Caribbean Politics
AFAS 423 Topics in Caribbean Culture, Literature, and Identity
FREN 325 History of France: Development of the Modern French State, 1815-present
HIST 419 The French Enlightenment
HIST 420 The French Revolution and Napoleon
NES 407 Business Environment in the Middle East and North Africa
NES 417A North African Societies: History, Culture & Politics

IV. Senior Capstone Portfolio (3 units)
FREN 498 Senior Capstone


Qualified undergraduates now have the option of beginning coursework toward the Master of Arts during their last year of undergraduate studies. They can complete their M.A. during a fifth year at the University of Arizona.  For more information, click here.

Please contact the Director of Graduate Studies, Prof. Dalila Ayoun for more information. 


23 units past the 102 level, including FREN 201, 202, 301, 302, 310, 320 and either 410 or 420, or credit equivalent.

Other Courses Available

General Education Tier 1: (Taught in English) (Only fulfills the Tier I requirement)
FREN 160A1: The French Speaking World

General Education Tier 2: (Taught in English) (For which courses may apply to your major, please see your advisor.)
FREN 245: African Literature in Translation
FREN 249: Images of Africa
FREN 280: Introduction to French Language, Linguistics, and Culture
FREN 284: French Theatre in Translation
FREN 373 US & Francophone Hip-Hop Cultures
FREN 375 Franco-American Relations

UA Summer Research Institute
The Summer Research Institute (SRI) is one of five undergraduate research programs administered by The University of Arizona (UA) Graduate College. These programs, are collectively known as the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Consortium (UROC). All are designed to prepare underrepresented students for the rigors of graduate school and to give them the skills and motivation to apply.  UROC programs work together to provide the best research training and graduate school preparation possible for all participants.  SRI is open to juniors and seniors of all disciplines.

Program Attributes:

  • 10 weeks (June -August)
  • Financial award of $3000
  • Six-units of upper-division undergraduate course  credit
  • Coursework on organizing, writing, and presenting on research
  • Workshops on public speaking skills, preparation for the GRE, and crafting a successful graduate school application
  • Cohort of like-minded students whose goal is to pursue master's and Ph.D. degrees

SRI Eligibility Criteria:

  • Undergraduate juniors and seniors
  • Enrollment during the previous year in an accredited four year university or a community college
  • US Citizen, permanent resident, or refugee status
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.00 or above     
  • Successful completion of 85 semester credits toward a bachelor's degree

The UROC application serves the SRI applicants and it can be found here. The deadline is February 1.  For more information contact Donna Treloar at, 520-621-7808