If you are currently enrolled in a French class, you can get free tutoring at the Think Tank.  Please see their webpage for scheduled tutoring.
The following individuals have contacted the Department of French and Italian and identified themselves as tutors for students enrolled in French or Italian classes.  In most cases, their experience in the language has not been verified by the department.  Most of these tutors will require compensation (if known, it has been listed below).  We recommend that you establish the cost and terms of service before any tutoring begins.  Please contact the Department of French and Italian if any names and numbers are no longer valid. 
Note: The French and Italian Department does not provide professional translation services.  There are professional agencies that will translate and certify most documents for a fee.  You can find certified translators and interpreters at the American Translation Association website: www.atanet.org, Alliance Francaise: http://www.aftucson.com/, and National Center for Interpretation: https://nci.arizona.edu/translation-request/

If you are interested in applying to be a French and/or Italian tutor, please complete the Tutor Form located in the French & Italian office.
We will review and certify your translated documents for acceptance at the University of Arizona.

Name Email Phone Language Service(s) Rate
Alice Orbecchi aliceorbecchi@email.arizona.edu (520) 585-7478 French, Italian Tutor $15/hr
Amadou Ba amadouba@email.arizona.edu (520)358-7954 French Tutor $20/hr
Clementine Calvo clementine.calvo@gmail.com (520) 336-0193 French Tutor $15/hr
Elisabeth Blin eblin001@gmail.com 510-326-2434 French Tutor $20/hr
Honorine Rouiller hrouiller@email.arizona.edu (404) 482-9724 French Tutor Please Contact
Lucia Cavallo horseintown@hotmail.com (520) 275-6705 Italian Tutor $20/hr
Margot Einstein margotandmorton@yahoo.com (520) 405-8212 French Tutor
Michael Mensah lassmen@gmail.com (520) 358-8700 French Tutor
Morella Morelli (520) 296-9442 Italian Tutor $20/hr
Renee Benson kiszio1@q.com 520-743-0394 French Tutor
Scarlett Lorin scarlettlorin@email.arizona.edu (520) 989-4106 French Tutor Please Contact
Theresa Levy Theresa@1111Studios.net (520) 270-7737 Italian Tutor Please inquire
Vincent Lucas vincentlucas@email.arizona.edu 520-288-2211 French Tutor
Yasmin Diaz Mendias ydiazmendias@gmail.com (520) 867-3119 Italian Tutor $15/hr