Mission Statement of the French MA Program

To provide an advanced education in French, which integrates the language, linguistics, literature and culture of France, the literatures and cultures of the French-speaking world, and the latest methodologies in the teaching of French. 

Elyse Petit at the CECI conference in Le Havre, France, June 2014, presenting a paper co-authored with Prof. Durand on "The Teaching of French and Digital Humanities in American Universities"


The graduates of the French MA Program will be trained in and will be able to pursue a career in teaching, or in any industry where the following skills are needed:

  • The experience and ability to adapt and function in unfamiliar environments and new situations
  • The ability to communicate well with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds
  • The ability to negotiate difficult/abstract tasks with an acute sense of initiative and creativity
  • The ability to analyze, evaluate, and assess cultural differences in professional settings
  • Heightened ability to apply the skills of critical thinking, reading, writing, and synthesizing information.

The graduates of the French MA Program will acquire a broad base of knowledge that draws together:

  • Current approaches to Second Language Acquisition
  • The literature, language, and culture of France
  • The literatures and cultures of Francophone areas worldwide, taught through interdisciplinary approaches
  • Experience in teaching French at the university level, under the guidance of specialists in Second Language 
  • Advanced knowledge of the French language, including linguistic studies and the history of French
  • Exposure to France and French-speaking countries