Master of Arts in French

The MA in French requires a minimum of 30 units. Students normally proceed through the M.A. program in four semesters, completing 5 courses or 15 units during each year in residence. Students meet regularly with the Director of Graduate Studies to craft a curriculum that suits their individual needs and interests. In addition, each student is assigned a faculty mentor. For all options, a minimum of seven classes (this does not include French 593 nor thesis units) must be taken with a faculty from the French department. All MA students taking French courses taught in English must do all reading and written work in French whenever possible for all options. All options are designed to prepare students for a variety of professional options such as a career in teaching French as a foreign language or to pursue doctoral studies in various programs (ex.: French language & linguistics; French literature and culture, second language acquisition; international studies). Click on the links below for detailed descriptions of our primary areas of emphasis:

French Language, Literature and Culture

This option provides students a comprehensive overview of French literature and culture and prepares them to pursue work at the Ph.D. level in French.

French Linguistics and Second Language Learning & Teaching

Students gain a comprehensive overview of the domains in French theoretical and applied linguistics as well as second language acquisition & teaching. It thus prepares them to pursue doctoral work in French linguistics or second language acquisition & teaching such as the UA's Ph.D. in Second Language Acquisition and Teaching.

Francophone Studies

This option proposes three areas of emphasis (Near Eastern, African, or Caribbean) along with the opportunity to take classes in a related discipline, such as Near Eastern Studies, Anthropology, Gender and Women’s Studies, History, or Political Science.

Secondary Teaching Certification

This option prepares students for teaching careers in secondary education and includes the state of Arizona 's certification required to teach in public K-12 schools. 

Accelerated Master's Program

This option allows highly qualified undergraduates at the UA to start coursework toward the M.A. during their last year of undergraduate studies, thus completing it in their fifth year at the University.

The Plan of Study (POS): No later than their second semester in residence students must complete a Plan of Study in consultation with the Director of Graduate Studies. The Plan of Study should list all courses that you have taken, are taking, and plan to take as part of your MA curriculum. Students complete the form online and pay the fee. The Graduate College requires that the Plan of Study be submitted during the second semester in residence. The Director of Graduate Studies and Graduate Service Coordinator for SILLC will revise the POS as needed if the planned curriculum changes. 

Independent Study: When a student is interested in a topic/area that is not addressed at all within regular course offerings), up to three credits of Independent Study (FREN 599) may be counted toward the MA, pending faculty availability and DGS approval. 

Satisfactory Academic Progress: Satisfactory progress is determined by the Department Head in consultation with the faculty, the Graduate Studies Committee, the Director of Graduate Studies, the Director of Basic Languages (for GATs), and the Graduate College. To demonstrate satisfactory progress, students must maintain at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA as assessed at the end of every semester and must be making normal progress toward the degree. This typically involves completing at least 6 units per semester with at least a B average.

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