Beginning French I (offered every semester)

Upon engaged completion of French 101, you can reasonably expect to be able to: SPEAK French well enough to greet and take leave appropriately in formal and informal contexts; ask and answer basic information questions; give basic directions; talk in simple ways about yourself, your family, your activities and classes, your possessions, your house and your town, your likes and dislikes. COMPREHEND spoken French with sufficient ability to grasp the main idea and some supporting details in short interactions--both live and taped--that relate to the themes of personal identity, home and family, towns and giving directions, food, and university life, and that represent authentic situations. READ AND UNDERSTAND the main idea and some of the supporting details of both edited and non-edited material (including short narratives, simple poems, advertisements, television and movie listings, tourist brochures, recipes, and menus), if highly contextualized. WRITE sentences, paragraphs, and short essays on familiar topics, take simple messages, and write notes and short letters that relate to personal interests and practical needs; fill out forms. RECOGNIZE basic similarities and differences among Francophone cultures represented in the course, as well as fundamental similarities and differences between these Francophone cultures and your own, and show an emerging awareness of the pitfalls of stereotyping and of the complexities of cultural issues. BRANCH OUT by seeking to use French beyond the walls of the classroom through reading fiction and non fiction, watching movies or TV5, listening to radio online or music, exchanging email messages with a key pal, etc.

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Class Number: 

FREN 101


Regular grades are awarded for this course: A, B, C, D, E. Available to qualified students for pass/fail option.

Special Exam: 

Course may be taken by special exam for credit (not for grade).

Usually Offered: 

Fall, Spring