African Literature in Translation

An introduction to the literatures of Africa covering a range of genres including oral narrative, theater, poetry, novels from various regions (South Africa, Nigeria, Somalia, Mali, Ghana, Madagascar).  Topics of interest include how communities are imagined, identity and audience, the evolution of new gender hierarchies over time, the use of different forms of cultural expression.  We start with women’s writing in the modern era and work our way back to an oral epic from precolonial Mali.  This course satisfies the Tier Two, Non-Western, General Education requirement.  Booklist for fall 2013 in the order we will read them: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Purple Hibiscus (Anchor Books, 2004); Chris Abani, GraceLand (Picador, 2004); Sindiwe Magona, Mother to Mother (Beacon Press, 2000); Nuruddin Farah, Gifts (Penguin, 1993); Wole Soyinka, The Lion and the Jewel (Oxford UP, 1966); D. T. Niane, Sundiata, an Epic of Old Mali (Longman, 2006).

Counts for Major Emphasis 2, "French and Francophone Studies" for the French BA


Class Number: 

FREN 245


Regular grades are awarded for this course: A, B, C, D, E.

Usually Offered: 

Fall or Spring



Identical To: 

AFAS 245, ENGL 245

Approved As: 

General Education Tier Two - Humanities
General Education Gender, Race, Class, Ethnicity, or Non-Western Area Studies