Intermediate French II (offered every semester)

Upon engaged completion of French 202, you can reasonably expect to be able to: SPEAK French well enough to describe, narrate, and ask and answer questions in present time and past time--about familiar topics and texts discussed in class, including personal identity, language, places to live, social classes, and cultures in contact. You should also be able to extend and accept or refuse an invitation, participate effectively in an interview situation, and ask for information with the intent of understanding the answer. COMPREHEND spoken French with sufficient ability to grasp the main idea and most of the supporting details in informal interactions and in more extended and formalized presentations--both prepared and spontaneous--that relate to topics of some familiarity. READ AND UNDERSTAND the main idea and most of the supporting details of both edited and non-edited material (including short narratives, fairy tales, songs, and plays, advertisements, tourist brochures, and magazine interviews). WRITE coherent sentences, paragraphs, short essays, and opinion pieces on familiar topics, and respond in writing to the ideas and opinions of others. RECOGNIZE basic similarities and differences among Francophone cultures represented in the course, as well as fundamental similarities and differences between these Francophone cultures and your own, and show an emerging awareness of the pitfalls of stereotyping and of the complexities of cultural issues.

Counts for Major Emphasis 2, "French and Francophone Studies" for the French BA

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Class Number: 

FREN 202


Regular grades are awarded for this course: A, B, C, D, E. Available to qualified students for pass/fail option.

Pre requisite(s): 

French 101, 102, 201

Special Exam: 

Course may be taken by special exam for credit (not for grade).

Usually Offered: 

Fall, Spring, Summer, Winter