Our website is designed to help you find all the information you need as quickly as possible: course descriptions, faculty profiles, information about majoring and minoring in French or Italian, study abroad opportunities in Italy and France, extra-curricular activities, and contact information.

About us:

  • Award-winning teachers and advisors
  • Cutting-edge language programs in French and Italian
  • One of the largest Italian Programs in the United States
  • Study abroad opportunities in Orvieto, Italy
  • A diverse French program, with courses in second language acquisition, francophonie, French literature, culture and language
  • One of the oldest and best-established study abroad programs in the University of Arizona (Paris)
  • World-renowned scholars in French and Francophone language, literatures and cultures
  • World-renowned scholars in Italian language, cinema, literature and culture


We offer BAs in Italian and French:

  • Two tracks in Italian (Italian Language and Literature; Italian Studies)
  • Two tracks in French (Language, Literatures, and cultures; French and Francophone Studies)

And an MA in French

  • Three areas of emphasis (French Literature and culture; Francophone Studies; Teaching French as a Foreign Language)
  • Accelerated Master's Program (BA + MA in French in 5 years)

We invite you to learn more about the faculty and programs of the Department of French and Italian at the University of Arizona.  If you have further questions, coh-fandi [at] email [dot] arizona [dot] edu (please contact us).

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Cynnamon Curtis Arizpuru (BA, French, Fall 1998)

Cynnamon Curtis Arizpuru graduated in the fall 1998 with a major in French and minor in History. Most recent update: I gfaduated from Law School in 2001...

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