Below you will find a detailed list of syllabi for our undergraduate courses. Each syllabus is sortable by year, prefix, term, class number, or title. Click on the PDF link to download a digital copy of the syllabus.
Prefix Class Number Term Year Title Description PDF Link to Syllabus
FREN 301 Spring 2014 Pronunciation and Conversation
FREN 320 Spring 2014 Reading, Writing, and Simulating
FREN 420 Spring 2014 France contemporaine sous différentes perspectives sociales, politiques et culturelles tout en perfectionnant votre maîtrise de la langue française
ITAL 240 Spring 2014 Italian Folklore and Popular Culture General Education--Tier 2
FREN 302 Spring 2014 Grammar, Usage, and Composition
FREN 310 Spring 2014 Spoken French in Cultural Context
FREN 410 Spring 2014 French Film and Fiction
ITAL 431 Spring 2011 Dante's Divine Comedy
ITAL 101 Fall 2010 Beginning Italian I Italian for Beginners
FREN 101 Fall 2010 Beginning French French for Beginners
FREN 102 Fall 2010 Beginning French II
FREN 201 Fall 2010 Intermediate French I
FREN 202 Fall 2010 Intermediate French II
FREN 302 Fall 2010 “Grammar & Usage; Pronunciation & Diction”
FREN 441 Fall 2010 histoire, temps, poésie
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