Italian Programs

The largest Undergraduate Italian Program in the United States!

Mission Statement of the Italian Program: Educating Arizona’s students about Italy, Italian, Italians, and Italian-Americans.


  • To provide high-quality education about the language, literature, and culture of Italy, Italians, and Italian-Americans.
  • To conduct high-quality research in Italian language, literature, and culture, which contributes to the study of Italian locally, nationally, and internationally.
  • To support local, national, and international organizations that promote the teaching of Italian language, literature, and culture.
  • To support the University of Arizona, College of Humanities, the School of International Languages Literatures and Cultures, and the Department of French and Italian in their respective missions.

In November 2009, Arizona Illustrated (PBS, Channel 6) did a story about UA Italian.  Click here to watch:

As a follow up to the spot, Tony Paniagua interviewed then-Department Head Irene D'Almeida, and she spoke about the Italian Program and the French Program.  Click here to watch the interview with Prof. D'Almeida. 

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The Department offers two degree options in Italian:

1. Italian Language and Literature, focusing on the acquisition of language skills and cultural competency. (see below for more details)

-Major: 32 units including 201, 202, 301, 302, 310, 320, 410, and 420.

-Minor: 20 units including 201, 202, 301, 302, 310, and 320.

2. Italian Studies, with advanced courses taught in English. (see below for more details)

-Major: 32 units including 201, 202

-Minor: 20 units including 201, 202

 *In addition, 12 upper-division units are required for majors (ITAL 301-499); 9 upper-division units required for minors (ITAL 301-499); furthermore, almost all courses offered by the Italian Department- whether in Italian or English- count toward either B.A. option (exceptions: TRAD 102, ITAL 101, 102, and 102z)


Courses taught in Italian

::Foundation Courses::

ITAL 101- Elementary Italian I

ITAL 102- Elementary Italian II

ITAL 102z- Intensive Elementary Italian

ITAL 201- Intermediate Italian I

ITAL 202- Intermediate Italian II

ITAL 202z- Intensive Intermediate Italian

::Advanced Courses::

ITAL 301- Advanced Conversation*

ITAL 302- Advanced Composition*

ITAL 310- Spoken Italian in Cultural Context**

ITAL 320- Written Italian in Cultural Context**

::Italian Literature Courses::

ITAL 410- Italian Film/Fiction***

ITAL 420- Italian Civilization***

ITAL 431- The Divine Comedy by Dante

ITAL 496a- Topics in Advanced Italian Studies

*ITAL 301 & 302 may be taken concurrently

**ITAL 310 & 320 may be taken concurrently

***ITAL 410 & 420 may be taken concurrently 


Courses taught in English

TRAD 102- Western Culture: The Italian Perpective

ITAL 230a- Italian Culture: Middle Ages & Renaissance

ITAL 230b- Italian Culture: Baroque Age to the present

ITAL 420- Italian Folklore & Popular Culture

ITAL 250a- Literature in Translation: Middle Ages

ITAL 250b- Literature in Translation: Renaissance

ITAL 250c- Literature in Translation: Italian Theater

ITAL 250d- Literature in Translation: The Novel

*Note: all 200-level classes listed above count towards Tier II requirements

ITAL 330a- Italian Studies: Fascism, Resistance, and Reconstruction

ITAL 330b- Italian Americana in Literature and Film: Crossing Oceans

ITAL 330c- Italian Studies: Italian Cinema & Literature

ITAL 330d- Women in Italian Society

For more information on specific courses, please see our course list.

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