Study Abroad
Below you will find a detailed list of the study abroad programs offered through the Department of French and Italian. Click on the name of the program for more info. You can easily sort through the programs by clicking on each table header. Find the right program for you.
Program Name Country City Subjects Language Requirement Programs in English Summer Term Fall Term Spring Term Transfer Credit UA Direct Credit UA Programsort icon
Orvieto Program Italy Orvieto
Liberal Arts
none Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Arizona in Paris Paris, France
4 semesters No Yes No No Yes Yes
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As part of this year's Humanities Week, Prof. Alfie will give a talk about La Compiuta Donzella....[more]

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Greta Arendsen
Greta Arendsen (BA and MA, French, Spring 1997 & 2007)

Greta Arendsen graduated in the spring 1997 with majors in French and Communication, and in the spring 2007 with a Master in French Pedagogy. Here is her...

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