MA French

Mission Statement of the French MA Program


To provide an advanced education in French, which integrates the language, linguistics, literature and culture of France, the literatures and cultures of the French-speaking world, and the latest methodologies in the teaching of French. 


The graduates of the French MA Program will be trained in and will be able to pursue a career in teaching, or in any industry where the following skills are needed:

  • The experience and ability to adapt and function in unfamiliar environments and new situations
  • The ability to communicate well with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds
  • The ability to negotiate difficult/abstract tasks with an acute sense of initiative and creativity
  • The ability to analyze, evaluate, and assess cultural differences in professional settings
  • Heightened ability to apply the skills of critical thinking, reading, writing, and synthesizing information.

The graduates of the French MA Program will acquire a broad base of knowledge that draws together:

  • Current approaches to Second Language Acquisition
  • The literature, language, and culture of France
  • The literatures and cultures of Francophone areas worldwide, taught through interdisciplinary approaches
  • Experience in teaching French at the university level, under the guidance of specialists in Second Language Acquisition
  • Advanced knowledge of the French language, including linguistic studies and the history of French
  • Exposure to France and French-speaking countries


Master of Arts in French

The MA in French prepares students for a variety of public and private careers, including academic positions, and provides them a foundation to continue their education at the doctoral level. Our graduates have gone on to teach at public and private high schools and in community colleges and universities; others are pursuing careers in business and government agencies.

While students work closely with the Director of Graduate Studies, their Faculty Mentors, and other professors to craft a curriculum that suits their individual needs and interests, here is a summary of our primary areas of emphasis:

Provides students a comprehensive overview of French literature and culture and prepares them to pursue work at the Ph.D. level in French.

Prepares students for a career in teaching, or for continued studies at the doctoral level in interdisciplinary Ph.D. programs, such as the UA's Ph.D. in Second Language Acquisition and Teaching.

Offers three areas of emphasis (Near Eastern, African, or Caribbean), as well as the opportunity to take classes in a related discipline, such as Near Eastern Studies, Anthropology, Gender and Women’s Studies, History, or Political Science.

Prepares students for teaching careers in high schools, includes the certification required by secondary        

              Offers highly qualified undergraduates at the UA have the option of beginning coursework toward the M.A.
              during their last year of undergraduate studies, and completing the Master of Arts in their fifth year at the        

Teaching Opportunities

Qualified graduate students are encouraged to take advantage of the following:

  • Graduate Assistant Teaching (GAT) positions. Students teach undergraduate courses offered on campus during the Fall, Spring, and Summer sessions. Students benefit from teacher training under the guidance of the Director of Basic Languages. GAT appointments offer a competitive salary along with a tuition-waiver scholarship that provides full or partial coverage of the annual tuition costs.
  • Exchange Program with Paris VII (Denis Diderot).  Students are hired to teach for 1 year in Paris, France at the Université Paris VII- Denis Diderot.
  • Exchange Program with IUFM Paris Sorbonne. Students are hired for the spring semester as graduate assistants, 15 hours per week, in Paris, France.
  • Summer Graduate Teaching positions on campus and through the Arizona in Paris program.
  • Tuition Scholarships and Fellowships Graduate fellowships, scholarships, and tuition waivers are awarded each year to qualified degree-seeking students. More information can be found at
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